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For more than 22 years we have been helping homeowners invest in Real Estate in our local Area. We have ridden the roller coaster from the lows to the highs and back again and managed to keep our clients safe from harm along the way. Our Goal is to make investing in Real Estate as stress free as possible while maximizing the return on investment.

Picture of Christine Andruss
Christine Andruss Executive Property Manager
415.420.2270 Email
Picture of Nate Gage
Nate Gage Executive Property Manager
530.632.7869 Email
Picture of Lauren Snyder
Lauren Snyder Property Management Assistant
916.813.7653 Email
Picture of Misty Shore
Misty Shore Accounting Director
Picture of Chenndra Crawley
Chenndra Crawley Accounts Payable
Picture of Ron Milnes
Ron Milnes Contract Specialist
Picture of Jhon Catausan
Jhon Catausan Marketing Director
Picture of Klareen Selleza
Klareen Selleza Social Community Director
Picture of Barry Mathis
Barry Mathis Broker of Record
916.225.7777 Email

We cooperate with many high performing Real Estate Agents and Brokers, they trust us to provide a high level of service to their clients. If you were referred to us by an agent please make sure to mention that so that we can tell them thank you personally. Referrals from local professionals or from you, to your friends and family are an honor we value highly.